twisteddreamer4 (twisteddreamer4) wrote in tattered_poetry,

New Poem

Thank you, Ash, for the title. ^-^


Midnight Pagan

Tonight beneath the harvest moon
we'll dance and let our spirits swoon.
Cast the circle, round and round,
block out evil, safe and sound.
We'll raise up our arms and call to our Mother,
light a candle and then another.
In sync we shall invoke the Lord
to join us at our alter adorned
with pretty flowers picked with care
from the gentle garden, our Lady fair.
Light the incense and breathe it in
and then around we'll spin and spin.
We'll laugh and sing and cast our spell,
asking the divine to see all is well.
Channeling energy through and through,
our minds clear and our hearts true.
Our rite continues until we've had our fill.
"As long as it harm none, do what ye will."
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