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Some old poetry.

Wait a Minute
I know you think your life is over
Is there nothing I can do to change your mind?
You broken hearted little boy
Who has decided to leave it all behind
You're ready to leave this forsaken place
And hunt for brighter, better things
To end it all would be sweet bliss
To cut loose your own binding strings
But if you seriously plan to leave me here
Wait just a minute before you do
And let me try and find a way
To tell you how much I'm in love with you

I am a teardrop,
sliding down the year-worn cheek
of a widowed woman
who now must lay alone at night.
I am a tear drop,
glistening in the eye
of a small child,
who scraped her knee when she fell off her bike.
I am a teardrop,
staining a sorrowful mother’s dress
as she watches her only son
being put in the ground for eternal rest.
I am also a teardrop,
brightening the eyes of a young woman
when her love asks her to spend the rest of her life with him,
sharing together the wonderful bond of marriage.
I am a teardrop,
streaming joyfully from the eye
of a father whose son
just scored the game’s winning touchdown.
Whether with a smile or a frown,
be the weather cloudy or sunny,
I am a teardrop.
Puzzled Comprehension
I don’t understand how someone can be the epitome of good doing
Yet life tortures them without remorse, or
Why someone is judged solely on his or her appearance
Or other superficial observations.
I don’t understand why something is beautiful
Only when it is popular, or
Why darkness is always conceived as evil, and
Why people fear those who are different, or
How people can act like such savages
When something doesn’t go quite right.
Most of all I don’t understand
How people can say, “Love your family”
And then go pull the trigger on their own child.
I do understand some things, though.
I understand why everyone loves
To take a break and just relax.
I understand why Johnny Depp
Is worshiped like a god and
Why so many people loved “Pirates of the Caribbean”.
I understand why sometimes
A simple hug makes everything okay, and
Why receiving a smile can sometimes make your day.
I understand why an evening stroll
Along the beach is so peaceful.
Most of all,
I understand that you need to hold precious things close
Because in an instant they could be taken away.
Demonic Love
Said he,
"Hark you! and listen
To the sounds of the night
Sweeping through your veins.
The demon is coming.
You can sense him
Coming nearer
And yet you don't run.
Why aren't you scared,
Little angel of death?
He's coming to take you away,
And yet you stand your ground
And don't move a muscle.
Silent as a lamb.
He'll suck out your soul,
Drain your blood,
Rape you and steal your virginity.
Why aren't you scared,
Little fallen one,
Of this monstrosity?"
She bowed her head and shed a tear
And answered softly,
"I love him."
Tormented Dreamer
Have you ever seen a thing so sorrowful
As a broken, tormented dreamer?
The poor, lost child
Ridiculed and tortured by those thought above him
The silent child sits woefully
Speaking not a word to his tormentors
But things will build up in his innocent head
Happiness will no longer seem so near
The pressure that will build up inside the small boy
Will force against his tattered soul
Soon he'll explode in anger and rage
Ravage the earth and leave no one standing
Or implode in himself and leave a note pinned
To his soft, black, cotton tee shirt
For his mother to read when she finds him
Hanging by a rope from his only friend
The cold metal pole that holds up the red shower curtain
But until then he sits alone in the dark
The broken, tormented dreamer
How To Mend a Broken Heart
Place the broken heart gently in a bowl
along with some understanding and kindness.
Mix it carefully with caring hands
until it glows a vibrant red.
Place it in a pot and pour in admiration.
Boil it at a temperature as warm as a hug
until it smells as sweet as a rose.
You can tell that it’s done when it’s warm,
no longer frozen, and the broken pieces
placed themselves back together.
Since it is best served warm, immediately
drizzle the heart generously with love.
And the result?
No greater satisfaction shall you find.
Walk One Thousand Miles
(For a Best Friend)
When I think over the past year, I realize
that no matter what I was going though,
you were always there for me,
leading me when I was blind,
catching me when I fell,
and carrying me when I could not walk on my own.
I loved you then and I still love you now.
Maybe I am just crazy
and I am nothing special to you.
Perhaps I am no more than an aquaintance,
just someone to talk to when you're bored.
But you are so much more than that to me.
You are
my protector,
my defender,
my comfort,
my heart-mender.
My support system,
my guidence,
my inspiration,
my confidence.
My best friend.
And if I have to walk one thousand miles barefoot
just to spend a day with you,
I will.
I Believe
I believe in the strength of love,
the beauty of a new beginning,
the smile behind the tears,
the power of spirituality,
the acceptance of different cultures,
understanding, respect, loyalty.
But the ignorance of some people
is overwhelmingly unreasonable.
I believe in reaching for the stars,
I believe in never giving up when things get rough,
I believe in striving for what is right,
hope, helping hands, compassion.
And I believe in living life fully,
for it can be taken away so quickly.
What If?
What if I cried?
I might not be able to stop.

What if you smiled at me?
I could wipe away my tears.

What if you held me?
I would no longer be afraid.

Why can’t you hear me screaming your name?
When I sit alone, thinking
In the eternal silence of my loneliness,
Confused, forgotten,
I wish I could tell you how I feel
Because I never want to lose you
Too Late
There’s no beauty without pain. You
gain nothing from hate and
fate controls you in the end. Shed a
tear for those who fall in step too late.
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