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I'm lame. Apparently this is my own private community... o.o lol Well, doesn't matter... My poetry sucks and at least this way no one can make fun of me! O.o Wow, I'm like...talking to myself. Gah! Anyway, incase I forgot, I've been on vacation and haven't updated this. Wow, this is confusing...

Whew! I can't write poetry, but I need a new poem!!! v.v *racks brain for something poem-y*


Wouldn't Be Loved

You cry and yet
the world just stands there, staring.
Why do you scream
when everything is there for your taking?
You are loved
but you don't see it.
It doesn't matter what they say
because you mean something to me
and that should be enough
to help you live a thousand lifetimes.
You hate yourself
and I'm confused
because what I see is not what you speak of.
What mirror are you using,
because I think it's cracked.
You're one of the most beautiful people I've seen.
Don't let them get you down,
that's what they want.
Don't give them their way,
be strong.
You aren't stupid, worthless, or mean
because then why would I bother?
The world is full of stupid people
and mean people
and if you were but their clone,
you wouldn't be loved by me.


Leave me alone, I just made that up off the top of my head. I might go back and edit it later.
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